In Georgia, legal separation is also called as separate maintenance . Filling a legal separation in Georgia is similar like divorce, the only difference in both is that the divorcing parties cannot marry till the time they are divorced. A legal separation does not end the marriage. Many of the states do not accept the concept of legal separation , so make sure before filing the separation papers; you take legal advice from an experienced attorney. Legal separation is for those people who have nothing left in their marriage and want to live different life but do not want to end the marriage because of religious views or for pension or insurance benefits. There are multiple ground for separation in Georgia like fault based separation, contested separation, uncontested separation, and no fault separation. Most of the legal separation cases are resolved in no time as there is no waiting period for divorce in Georgia. For detailed information on all the divorce grounds for separation in Georgia you can log on to www.edivorceingeorgia.com.

Before filling for separation make sure that you draft a separation agreement that is in compliance with Georgia separation agreement. Once you file the papers, the respondent is served with Georgia separation notice

Given below is the legal steps that you need to follow to obtain legal separation

  • Complete the Domestic Relations Filing Information and Final Disposition forms.
  • Complete the Complaint for Separate Maintenance.
  • Complete the Verification form.
  • Complete the Settlement Agreement, if possible.
  • Attach other necessary documents like residency proof 
  • Produce the required financial documents like  bank and credit card details, tax and investment details, mortgage papers
  • Pay the filing fee.
  • File the forms.
  • Prepare your case for trial, if no Settlement Agreement.
  • Receive the Final Judgment.

Divorce and separation are two different things according to Georgia divorce laws. A divorce terminates the marriage and revokes various benefits where as a legal separation does not terminate the marriage thus, keeping the benefits intact.


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It cost me $256 to have a sheriff deliver the papers.


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