Divorce has mighty effects on the children. They start blaming themselves for the divorce of their parents. The effects of divorce can remain even when the child grows into an independent individual and at that time, things become worse. As they grow, they might stop believing in any one or might stop respecting relationships. It is the duty of the parents to explain children that divorce was actually a solution to the problems faced by them and not a tragedy. Divorce can cause a lot of disturbance in the mental stability of the child, s/he might become short tempered or might not speak in necessary situations. For children coping with their parents divorce is quite difficult as they don't able to understand how should they react and what is happening.

Effects of divorce on children's future relationships are many. Some of them are discussed below:

1) Temper: One of the effects  on children and their future is that they become short tempered. Short temper becomes a part of the individual's behavior and he is always angry about something or the other

2) Vulnerable: The child feels vulnerable inside and outside. He feels he can be easily hurt and people can make fun of him or her whenever they want and that is why s/he tries to stay alone and avoids making friends

3) Doubt: Children become doubtful about everything and everyone. They stop trusting people who want to come into their life and want to be with them. They do this because they are doubtful that whatever happened with their parents would happen with them as well

4) Depressed: They become depressed and do not give proper time to their relationships nor do they put in efforts to keep the relationship intact

5) Possessive: Another effect of divorce is that they become over possessive about their partners and do not give them space. They try to cage people, they love; so that, they can not leave them.

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